Prof. Abdullahi Ahmed Afrah

Prof. Afrah is currently the President /CEO of the Somali Development and Reconstruction Bank. He has long time experience of National Planning and banking service. He obtained his Bachelor of Economics from the National University of Somalia. He then received his master in Socio-Economic Development and Policy Planning at the Institute of Social Studies, Hague, in the Netherlands.   He was formerly a Minister of Commerce, member of Transitional Federal Parliament and member of Parliamentary committee on financial control. Mr. Afrah had served as General Manager of the Bardera Cement Project, senior Advisor of Minister of National Planning, Central Bank representative of east and northern regions of Somalia.   He was also lecturer of Somali Universities and research fellow and visiting lecturer of at the Universita’ degli Studi La Sapienza-Roma Italy (fellowship financed by the Italian Development Cooperation).

Abdullahi Ahmed Afrah