The aim of the Bank is to promote, assist, develop and modernize any productive enterprise in agriculture, industrial, mining, tourist, fisheries and livestock sectors in general; and to take any other initiative aimed at the economic recovery and development of the country, with emphasis on private enterprises to generate employment and income.

Projects funded by the Bank will measure up, strictly, to technical, financial, and economic viability.

SRDB will also, initiate, the rehabilitation, reconstruction, and Development of Somalia, based on the country’s natural resources; mainly, agriculture, fisheries, and live-stock, in particular, to play the role of facilitators between Somali business community and foreign investors with a view to encourage the flow of much needed capital and technology into Somalia. In this connection, the SRDB, as part of its promotional activities, may help in the identification of project; the preparation and negotiations for final deal, when needed.

It is hoped that promotional role will result in bigger and more productive enterprises and, therefore, more effective development of the country’s resources. Development such as these will more readily serve the chief objectives of economic development; namely, social progress through employment and income generation for large numbers of the Somali population.

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